Words from those who have experienced Uplift...

Public Speaking and Deabte: 

"Our son was not interested in participating in a Debate class although his teachers and family have noticed his potential for a long time. From day one, Aaron and Anya were able to spark and engage his interest very quickly. Using challenging and fun topics, they taught the structure of Debate, and showed them how to speak strategically to defend their position...At the end of the class our son was knowledgeable, confident, and interested in Debate. Aaron and Anya, with their experience in debating, professional and kind demeanor, provided a safe worthwhile learning experience for the class. Our son is looking forward to having another class with them in the future." - 6th Grade Parent

"I learn to research a topic from different points of view and organize that information into a debate format. The class helped us become more confident when speaking in front of others." - 7th Grader

"I learned about how to deliver effective speeches, and how to support my arguments." - 6th Grader

"I feel prepared and motivated. Debate is fun!" - 6th Grader

Essay Writing

"It helped with writing the essay more detailed and show your expressions so the readers could feel and imagine the whole piece." - 6th Grader 

"I think our teacher did an excellent job and provided us with great tips for writing an essay!" - 5th Grader

"Mr. Stewart is a patient teacher who takes the time to explain things. Live feedback is provided in each class." - 6th Grader