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Grades 6-8

Everyone has great ideas. The challenge is how to effectively communicate them to an audience. Public Speaking and Debate pervades all walks of life. These are some of the most important skills that students can learn, even if they don’t want to competitively pursue debate. Skills that students will be taught include persuasive speaking, speech-writing with the use of evidence and research, how to form an argument, and impromptu thinking and speaking. The program will include interactive and engaging lectures, speech drills, and debates.

Students of all levels can register and will be placed with others of their grade/level. 

This program is taught by nationally competitive high school debaters, with leadership/coaching experience including Aaron Joy, who placed 2nd in the United States in the NSDA's National Tournament.

4-Week Online Program | 8 1hr Classes | 


Grades 6-8

What is the difference between a persuasive essay, a narrative essay, an expository essay, and a descriptive essay? Are they written the same way, do I need to know about all of them? In this 6-week course, students will get an in-depth introduction to the different core types of essays that make up the typical academic experience and learn numerous techniques that are universally effective as well as how to adapt to the nuances of each type of writing. 


The course will focus primarily on essay writing in terms of structure, the strength of ideas, and building upon the foundational skills of what students are likely to have acquired in their normal classrooms but also supercharge their writing and analytical thinking skills! The weekly meetups will consist of 90-minute periods. During that time, students will be introduced to core concepts and ideas before being asked to identify, edit, and of course write their own pieces. Students will be editing each other’s work and learning to give feedback and advice as well. The value of having another pair of eyes evaluate your writing cannot be understated, because we don’t all read and interpret words with the exact same meaning. Thus, you will learn how to become a more effective writer for multiple audiences and viewpoints and clarify your meanings.


By giving students the exposure and understanding of different essay styles and their different types of content, they will be better prepared to tackle each type individually but also learn writing techniques and strategies that are universally important for uplifting your writing.

4-week Online Program | 8 1hr Classes 


Grades 8-12

As we leap into the future, our world is increasingly shaped by entrepreneurial change-makers. In this program, students will be taught the crucial steps of the entrepreneurial process, as they seek to make their mark. Topics Covered Include problem identification and validation, solution creation and validation, unique value, market research strategies, marketing plan, and revenue model creation.

4-week Online Program | 8 1hr Classes 

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